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Woman Runs Onto Tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport

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On Monday night, a woman raced through an emergency exit and onto the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to wave down a Southwest Airlines plane that was still parked at the gate.

The woman, who has not been recognized, was eventually apprehended and put into custody by police from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Despite the fact that the woman had a ticket, it is unclear whether she had missed her flight and was resorting to extreme tactics to board the plane. The woman continues to wave towards the cockpit in one video filmed by a witness from within the airport, even as an airline staff wrestles with her.

“Wow, I’m sitting here at @flyLAXairport @SouthwestAir & this white young lady runs out the door & on the tarmac trying to wave a plane down. It seems like it took the police forever to get here. If she were Black, she would be shot (with no questions asked),” Figaro wrote in one post.

Police officers can be seen inspecting the woman’s possessions in a video filmed by Figaro. In another, the woman is seen arguing with an airline staff who is attempting to remove her from the Boeing 737 plane.

The woman triggered an alert as soon as she opened the exit door inside of Terminal 1, according to a statement from the LAPD.

“Airline employees who witnessed the woman exiting the terminal followed security protocols and maintained visual contact until the airport police arrived shortly thereafter and detained the woman,” the statement explained.

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