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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Woman Gives Birth Onboard Emirates 12-Hour Flight From Tokyo to Dubai

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The 12-hour flight from Tokyo to Dubai on Thursday saw a pregnant passenger give birth at 38,000 feet, putting the Emirates cabin crew’s training to the test.

The airline stated that the unnamed woman successfully gave delivery while receiving assistance from the cabin crew. Following the untimely arrival, it is reported that both mother and child are doing well.

Thankfully, medical response training is provided to all Emirates flight attendants, and this training covers vital life-saving skills including how to deliver a newborn infant on board.

All Emirates planes are outfitted with a comprehensive range of healthcare supplies, including a specific child delivery kit, oxygen, painkillers, a defibrillator, and prescription medications that can only be provided by medical professionals if they happen to be onboard.

Additionally, Emirates has a dedicated in-house Ground Medical Support team that is situated at the airline’s headquarters in Dubai and is available around the clock by satellite phone to offer professional help and guidance in the event of an in-flight medical emergency.

Due to the extensive training, additional assistance, and advanced medical equipment used in this situation, the flight was able to fly directly to Dubai after the baby was delivered successfully.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the airline explained: “Emirates can confirm a birth on board flight EK319 from Tokyo Narita to Dubai on January 19. The crew assisted the passenger, and the flight continued to Dubai as per schedule.”

“The passenger and baby were in stable condition and, upon arrival in Dubai, were met by local medical staff. Our crew and passengers’ health and safety are paramount,” the statement continued.

Photo cover by Emirates.com

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