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Wizz Air aims to have more women in the flight deck

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Today, Wizz Air, the fastest-growing airline in Europe and the greenest airline in the world*, announced the opening of its She Can Fly cadet program, a component of the Wizz Air Pilot Academy, for females who want to become commercial pilots.

A market-leading training program for highly motivated candidates to get their Commercial Pilot Licenses is offered by the airline’s Wizz Air Pilot School.

Around 150 candidates have successfully completed the program since its inception in 2017 and are currently employed as pilots by Wizz Air.

Wizz Air is dedicated to dismantling gender stereotypes and encouraging gender equality in this profession even though just 5% of pilots in the business are female.

With its new Pilot School Program for women over 18, Wizz Air now offers a special, easy, and affordable route to becoming a commercial pilot.

In collaboration with the Tréner Aviation School in Hungary, the training program, which accepts applications from female candidates with little to no experience, lasts for 18 months.

The airline is committed to offering +20 slots yearly to women who share its belief that there shouldn’t be any gender-based discrimination.

The Ab-Initio training phase of the integrated ATPL curriculum is when cadets acquire the theoretical knowledge, practical abilities, and attitudes necessary to become pilots.

After successfully completing their training, cadets will move on to Advanced Training, which includes a five-week transfer course for operating the Airbus A320.

Before becoming a fully qualified First Officer with the airline, cadets will then go through Wizz Air-specific airline training.

Only 800 euros are needed from the cadets before the course, and the airline will cover the remaining 60,668 euros if the cadets pass the regular exams at the end of the fifth month of training.

After they start earning a full wage as a First Officer with Wizz Air, cadets will pay the remaining amount in equal payments over the course of six years.

Through the Pilot Academy Programme, which includes the She Can Fly Program, cadets joining Wizz Air will have the chance to fly the airline’s constantly expanding fleet of new, cutting-edge, and environmentally friendly Airbus aircraft on more than 900 routes to nearly 200 destinations in more than 50 countries.

Wizz Air’s ambitious aspirations to hire up to 4,600 new pilots and more than triple the size of its fleet to 500 aircraft by 2030 are supported by the recruitment push for new cadets.

Direct application for the program is available here on the Wizz Air Pilot Academy website.

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