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VIDEO Of Ryanair Cabin Crew loses it, rages against his airline over PA

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One Ryanair flight attendant reached her breaking point and declared herself done. A recent flight attendant may be seen on camera raving against the airline and advising passengers to get in touch with them personally because they obviously care more about you than they do (referring to the cabin crew).

Being a flight attendant is difficult, especially in recent years, and it appears that one flight attendant with Ryanair is kind of done.

He is overheard advising customers on a recent flight from Spain to the UK where to file complaints and informing them that the airline likely cares more about them (the passengers) than the flight crew because you “give them money” and “instead we are costing them money.”

The flight attendant sarcastically remarks, “They don’t listen to their staff” and notes that after four years he “literally hasn’t got any expectations.”

Since many airlines around the world were badly unprepared for the surge of passengers now that pandemic lockdowns were lifted, Ryanair is now experiencing major staff shortages.

The end of a difficult few years for cabin and flight crew, which included angry passengers, the possibility of contracting COVID, and job loss, is marked by long lines, a lack of pilots, and irate passengers.

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