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VIDEO Of A Man Films Himself Evacuating A Burning Plane While Holding A Drink In One Hand

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A man recorded himself getting out of a flaming jet on Tuesday while holding a phone, a big wheelie case, and a water bottle in each hand.

After a Red Air flight from the Dominican Republic’s Santo Domingo to Miami strayed off the runway shortly after touchdown and experienced a nose wheel collapse, the incident happened.

The small MD-82 aircraft veered off the runway and collided with an airport terminal, which ignited the right engine. As part of its inquiry into what caused the crash, the NTSB has sent a “go team” to Miami to gather evidence from the scene.

Emergency chutes were used to exit the airplane with all 140 passengers and 11 crew members. No serious casualties were recorded, although three passengers were hospitalized for minor wounds.

Unbelievably, people were spotted jumping off the burning plane while carrying heavy handbags.

A crash involving an Aeroflot flight at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport in 2019 claimed the lives of 41 people when the plane caught fire as it touched down.

Investigators of the accident came to the conclusion that the high death rate was caused by front-row passengers blocking the exit of others behind them so they could get their handbags.

With a fleet of MD-11 aircraft flying a single route between Santo Domingo and Miami International, Red Air began operations as a low-cost carrier in November 2021. What caused the catastrophe is still unknown.

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