During an aborted landing at London Heathrow Airport (LHR), a British Airways Airbus A321neo aircraft scratched its tail and nearly overturned.

Flight BA1307 from Aberdeen International Airport (ABZ) to London Heathrow was being operated by an Airbus A321neo with the registration G-NEOP.

The aircraft was caught in a gust funneling between buildings while attempting to land on runway 27R at LHR airport, according to aviation livestream broadcaster Jerry Dyer, who first captured the incident.

After losing its balance and slightly knocking the runway with its tail, the Airbus A321neo was forced to perform a go-around procedure.

After the second attempt, the plane landed safely. There were no injuries recorded. The extent of the aircraft’s damage is unknown.

“Our pilots are highly trained to manage a range of scenarios, including extreme weather conditions, and our flight crew landed the aircraft safely. Our customers and crew all disembarked as normal,” a spokesperson for British Airways told AeroTime in an emailed statement.

Photo Cover Via LinkedIn: Jerry Dyer



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