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VIDEO: A Woman Being Escorted For Lighting A Cigarette

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According to the Miami Herald, an unidentified woman was hauled off a Spirit Airlines flight from Detroit because she broke federal law by smoking in the plane cabin.

A fellow passenger captured and published on social media footage of the woman smoking a cigarette while the plane taxis on the tarmac at Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

Alexa Majdalawi, also known as @heyalexa nah on TikTok, posted a video in which she asks the woman to stop smoking.

The woman replies: “It’s been hell.”


#duet with @beatrixtrifonova you guys! She got a video of when she lit up and me talking to her lol 😂 you can hear her say “it’s been a long day”

♬ original sound – Beatrix Trifonova

Majdalawi told the Miami Herald that the smoke was making it difficult for her to breathe because she has asthma.

The woman then “turned around” and blasted smoke in Majdalawi’s face, according to the Daily Mail.

Majdalawi reported the smoking to flight attendants, who offered her the opportunity to change seats.

Another video, also published on TikTok by Majdalawi, shows police officials arriving to remove the disruptive passenger from the airplane.

Another passenger on the airplane can be heard asking in the video, which has over 10 million views, “Come get her, please, man, because she’s holding us all up.”

The same passenger then accuses the rebellious woman of “playing dead” while officials attempt to wake her up so she may be removed from the airplane.


Definitely never flying spirit again.

♬ original sound – Alexa Majdalawi

According to the Miami Herald, the woman awoke and complied with the deputies’ wishes. According to local media, she was removed off the plane and was not detained.

“When Flight 845 from Detroit was taxiing to the gate in Fort Lauderdale, a passenger curiously decided to smoke a cigarette in violation of federal law,” Spirit Airlines claimed in a statement to the Miami Herald.

The statement went on to say: “The odor was noted by flight attendants, and the other passengers were ready to point out who was to blame and hand up what remained of the extinguished cigarette. Our crew requested that law enforcement officers be stationed at the gate to remove the passenger.”

Before publication, Insider contacted Spirit Airlines but did not receive a response.

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