What does it take to deliver millions of packages and documents every day right in time? You need a Giant Hub: UPS Worldport in Louisville is a technological marvel.

It is the largest automated package handling facility in the world and the center of UPS’s worldwide air network.

More than 300 flights arrive and depart daily and the hub, with its 250 kilometers of conveyors has a throughput of 500.000 packages per hour. Roughly two million packages a day increasing to more than four million during the peak season at 10 pm.

The night rush hour begins. When frontline supervisor Tyler Sawvell and his crew unload and load the aircraft on the ground, guys like Terry Rigdon in the general operations center control every flight activity of the cargoplanes.

The world’s leading logistics group, UPS, relies on one airline. With its 244 aircraft, UPS Airlines is one of the biggest worldwide. Terry Rigdon’s goal is to get every aircraft with its cargo to its right destination—on schedule.

But this night, bad weather caused a lot of trouble and delays for the whole crew at Worldport.

Due to thunderstorms, the whole area has been put on an operations ban for 30 minutes. That means the outbound crew are not allowed to work. They cannot unload any airplanes. So they can’t feed the hub.


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