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The ‘World’s Tallest Living Woman’ Flies For The Very First Time Onboard Turkish Airlines

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As she travels from her native Türkiye to the United States, the Guinness World Record holder for “World’s Tallest Living Woman” will fly for the very first time. But she hadn’t been able to travel before for more reasons than just her imposing 215.16 cm (7ft 0.7in) frame.

Rumeysa Golgi was born with Weaver Syndrome, an extremely uncommon genetic abnormality that causes children to develop unnaturally quickly and frequently results in individuals with very tall statures.

Rumeyasa’s condition not only qualifies her as the “World’s Tallest Living Female” according to the Guinness Book of Records, but it also grants her the distinction of having the longest finger on a living female, the largest hands on a live female, and the longest back in a living female.

Unfortunately, the 25-year-old was also born with Scoliosis, a condition that causes the spine to curve. Rumeyasa spends a significant portion of her time on wheelchairs that have been particularly modified due to her numerous medical issues.

Until now, it has simply been too difficult to fly. Rumeyasa accepted Turkish Airlines’ offer to assist her in traveling to the United States — her first vacation outside of Turkey — but before her flight on Wednesday, she invited photographers to join her at the airport in Istanbul.

On her travel to the United States, Turkish Airlines put a special stretcher across a row of seats at the back of the Economy Cabin just for this trip. At the request of a medical insurance provider, which will pay for a nurse to accompany the patient, stretcher fit-outs are often reserved for seriously ill patients.

Rumeyasa told reporters: “This will be my first flight as well as my first travel overseas. But I believe that this experience will be a first for many individuals, not just me. Because as you know, the option of traveling as a stretcher passenger is generally reserved for patients who are being transferred from one intensive care unit to another.”

“It is an alternative for patients who are referred from one hospital to another and need an ambulance. However, because I couldn’t sit for lengthy periods of time due to my scoliosis, or spine curvature disorder, I had to fly on a stretcher,” Rumeyasa continued.

Rumeyasa hopes that her travel to San Francisco will help her advance her job as a software developer in addition to her meeting with Guinness representatives for an event. In her spare time, Rumeyasa would also go sightseeing.

Photo Cover Via Twitter: TRT World

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