TAP Air Portugal’s Airbus A320 (registered CS-TNV) flew flight TP754 from Lisbon, Portugal to Copenhagen, Denmark on April 8.

The plane had 102 passengers and 7 staff members on board. The aircraft’s speed decreased abruptly during the short final approach to Copenhagen, requiring the pilots to make a go-around.

According to the Website Aviation Herald, the Airbus flew barely above the airport perimeter and the Maglebylille community’s homes.

The pilots were able to gradually regain speed and land on a different runway 20 minutes later.

Denmark’s Havarikommissionen (HCL, Danish Accident Investigation Board) said that the incident was classified as a serious incident and that an investigation had been launched.

According to the preliminary report, there was no abnormal ground contact, such as a wing or engine pod strike, and the plane was undamaged.

The HCL then emphasized that there are no visual signs or marks that the wing or engine made contact with the ground.

The same day, TAP Air Portugal reported the incident due to technical reasons while already over the runway.

TAP is cooperating with the investigation. The airline has received no reports of aircraft damage.

The safety investigation is looking into the flight path and performance.



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