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Suitcase destroyed on Delta flight: ‘Did the plane crash?’

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Flying always carries the possibility of lost luggage, but one woman had to deal with the aftermath of a Delta flight when her suitcase was allegedly smashed and its contents were damaged.

Emilie Hofferber, a photographer who tweets as @moosechildd, posted a picture of her damaged suitcase, which was missing a wheel and had the bottom entirely torn off.

“What the f–k Delta?”  On Wednesday, she tweeted images of the bag.

“10-14 days to receive a reimbursement check by mail?” she said. “In 2022 we’re mailing checks because that’s the most effective way to transfer funds…”

Over 91,000 Twitter users have liked and commented on the tweet after being horrified by the condition her suitcase was in.

“Was it handled by T-Rex?” one person joked.

“Did the plane crash?” asked another person in jest.

“Did someone drop it into a wood chipper? That level of damage is almost impressive,” another added.

“I’m amazed that Delta will give you some money instead of saying ‘that’s normal wear and tear,’” joked another.

One person who responded on Twitter suggested that the damage might not have happened during the flight, but rather just before Hofferber picked it up.

“This is called ‘belt burn.’ It’s what happens when there’s a jam on a conveyor belt & things can’t move. Somebody has to physically climb on to unjam it,” they explained.

The incident, according to a Delta representative, was a “rare occurrence.”

“Delta sincerely apologizes to this customer for the damage to her luggage and its contents,” they said.

“Delta teams have been in contact with the customer to offer compensation for this rare occurrence.”

Photo cover via Twitter: @moosechildd

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