For the first time since the outbreak began, Singapore Airlines has reopened cabin crew recruitment.

After Singapore’s government created a number of so-called ‘vaccinated travel lanes’ for fully vaccinated travelers from other nations, the airline has experienced a jump in demand.

Following the discovery of the Omicron variety, Singapore is now relaxing its limitations.

Singapore’s harsh pandemic restrictions, as well as strict border controls in major markets like Australia and China, impacted the carrier hard.

When it became clear that the pandemic would stretch on, Singapore Airlines offered large early retirement and release incentives in an attempt to persuade cabin workers to leave in late 2020.

Later, the airline slashed 4,300 employees, and the cabin staff employment was decreased by over 25%. Singapore Airlines is now hoping to rehire some of the cabin crew members who were laid off during the pandemic’s peak.

“SIA (Singapore Airlines) will continue to make necessary investments, both in our people and the business, to ensure that we are in a position to emerge stronger as international air travel recovers,” a spokesperson for the airline said, confirming the news.

For jobseekers based in Singapore, the airline has reopened its online application platform.

Normally, the airline hires staff from all across the area, but at the time, it is only looking for Singapore-based individuals.

A spokeswoman declined to say how many crew members the airline required or how many new employees were needed to compensate for crew members leaving rather than for development.

Singapore Airlines was the second airline in the world to demand that all operational crew members be completely vaccinated against COVID-19, and SIA crew members are prohibited from leaving their hotel rooms during overseas layovers due to local health regulations.

Singapore Airlines has requested that the Singapore government relax limitations on pilots and cabin crew, fearing that pandemic laws will make the work unappealing and leave the company short-staffed.

Some SIA employees have expressed their desire to leave the company due to the negative impact pandemic limitations were having on their mental health.

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