According to a new poll conducted by pollsters YouGov, the clear majority of Britons believe that flight attendants should no longer be required to wear high heels as part of their job uniform.

On March 15, over 4,000 British individuals were polled, and 80% of those asked stated flight attendants should either not be forced to wear high heels at all or should not be forced to wear high heels at all.

Londoners, on the other hand, were more inclined than Britons from any other location to anticipate flight attendants to wear high heels, with one in ten men believing that female flight attendants should either certainly or probably wear high heels.

Labour voters were more inclined to believe that female flight attendant should not be required to wear high heels at all. Surprisingly, older persons between the ages of 50 and 64 were more likely to believe that high-heel regulations should be abolished.

Although most UK-based airlines no longer have mandatory high heel policies since such a policy could violate equality legislation, female flight attendants are nevertheless expected to wear high heels.

Because of the potential of harm, if turbulence occurs, flight attendants who opt to wear high heels are usually compelled to change into flat loafers throughout the trip.

After a social media campaign against the guidelines, Japan Airlines dropped the requirement for female flight attendants to wear high heels in early 2020. Norwegian, a low-cost carrier, was also forced to alter its sexist high heels policies after MPs chastised the carrier in 2019.

Last month, a union representing Qantas cabin crew members requested that the airline reconsider its high-heeled policy for female flight attendants, as well as modifications to makeup and grooming rules.

British Airways is reportedly updating its own grooming policies, with the option of making the policy gender-neutral, allowing men flight attendants to wear cosmetics or nail varnish and have long hair if they so desire.


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