A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DHH performing flight FR-5542 from Liverpool, EN (UK) to Dublin (Ireland), landed on Dublin’s runway 28L at 17:30L (16:30Z) but suffered the failure of parts of the nose gear, veered left off the runway temporarily, managed to get back onto the centerline and attempted to vacate the runway via high speed turn off S5 about 1700 meters/5600 feet down the runway, but came to a stop inside the runway strip.

The next arrival was instructed to go around.

After coming to a stop the crew queried the tower whether there was any smoke or fire, tower responded that there was no smoke or fire at that time, and emergency services were responding.

Tower instructed all stations to maintain radio silence advising they had a failure on the runway.

Source: Avhearld


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