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REPORT: Malaysia Airlines Flight #MH370 Entered a holding pattern for 22 minutes

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During the search for MH370, an aeronautical engineer uncovered new information concerning the flight route of #MH370.

Richard Godfrey, an aircraft engineer, determined that after following the coastline of Sumatra, the Boeing 777 was put into a holding pattern for 22 minutes before continuing south in the search for MH370.

Mr. Godfrey is tracking MH370 with WSPRnet, a groundbreaking new tracking technology that is intended to lead to a new search.

He discovered that the #MH370 flew along the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, most likely without crossing the shore and so traveling within Indonesian territory.

Then, until 18:56 UTC, MH370 followed the Sumatra coastline before turning southwest.

However, he discovered that MH370 entered a race track holding pattern at 19:12 UTC, which lasted for approximately 22 minutes until 19:34 UTC.

This flight route of MH370 is a result of the WSPRnet analysis.  The flight path is maintained at a constant altitude of 36,000 feet and a constant ground speed of 497 knots. There is no contrived descent or ascent to match the data from the Inmarsat satellite.

There are no manufactured sightings or artificial turns to fit the Inmarsat satellite data timing.

At the 1st Arc (18:28 UTC BTO and BFO), during the SATCOM call (18:40 UTC, BFO only), and the 2nd Arc, the Inmarsat satellite BTO and BFO data completely matches the timing, position, and track (19:41 UTC BTO and BFO).

MH370 was 150 nautical miles from the Sumatra coast and 40 nautical miles from the 2nd Arc when it entered the holding pattern.

MH370 was 330.0 nautical miles from the Indonesian military radar station at Sabang, 338.1 nautical miles from Silboga, and 347.1 nautical miles from Lhokseumawe at 19:44 UTC, comfortably out of radar range. The Malaysian and Indonesian militaries have not released any radar data.

Then Mr. Godfrey said: “If the pilot’s goal was to make MH370 disappear without a trace, then why waste fuel with a holding pattern and why not head directly to the most remote area possible of the Indian Ocean without deviation?”

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