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On a Wizz Air flight a brawl breaks out with a British man ‘punching the PILOT’ before being arrested

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According to tourists, a British passenger was arrested after causing a massive altercation on a Wizz Air trip to Crete, punching other passengers and even the pilot.

The major brawl broke out quickly after the plane touched down on the Greek island, injuring both women and men on Tuesday night.

According to witnesses, the passenger and his friend were misbehaving during the journey, and his rage broke over when he was told police would escort him to the airport.

Tourists claimed the couple smoked and vaped throughout the flight, threatening other passengers, and were inebriated before even boarding the plane.

Despite the fact that the couple said they had been drinking since 10 a.m. and other passengers had had enough, stewardesses continued to offer them booze.

Witnesses stated the pilot then exited from his cockpit in an attempt to calm the situation, but he was then beaten.

The blood-stained man was eventually hauled away from the plane, his trousers around his ankles.

Screaming passengers demand that the man be removed off the plane while he swings his arms wildly.

The flight left Gatwick at 6 p.m., and two guys in their 30s from South London were caught up in the chaos.

They were joined by a third man who was carrying a liter of alcohol.

A woman, 37, traveling to Crete with her husband, told The Sun: ‘The man and his friend had been so loud and abusive throughout the whole flight.

‘But something clicked when the air stewardess told them they would be taken off the plane by police when we landed.

As a bunch of guys tried to hold him, he just started throwing blows.

‘The pilot came out and the guy hit him. He seemed okay but was understandably pretty shaken up. It was disgraceful.’

Some passengers were able to flee by the back door, but they were forced to wait two hours at security while giving police statements, causing many to miss their connections.

While the blood was being cleaned up, a scheduled trip back to the UK had to be canceled.

The next flight home for stranded Britons was another 24 hours away.


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