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Friday, September 22, 2023

New Uniform Guidelines Will Let Southwest Airlines Crew To Have Visible Tattoos and Nose Piercings

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After a staff criticism that the company was struggling to keep up with a larger change in the airline business, Southwest Airlines will soon allow flight attendants to display tattoos and wear nose piercings as part of a shakeup of its internal uniform standards policy.

After the new Uniform Appearance Standards go into effect on March 20, flight attendants will be permitted to have one nose stud pierced.

As long as they are “tasteful” and no larger than the size of the uniform badge, tattoos will also be officially permitted. Facial tattoos, as well as larger tattoos like a full or partial “sleeve,” will continue to be prohibited.

If a flight attendant has a tattoo that is “non-compliant,” they must be able to cover it up with the uniform. Recently, some newly hired flight attendants who were still in training were let go after it was revealed that they had tiny tattoos on their wrists and fingers.

Southwest is loosening some uniform requirements, but the airline is also tightening some of its other appearance requirements. Next, flight attendants won’t be allowed to have creative nail art, vibrant manicure colors like the airline’s very own orange, or neon-colored fingernails.

The airline recently reminded staff members of its long-standing prohibition on visible tattoos, prompting the revision of the policy. After receiving complaints from personnel that competitor airlines were easing their own tattoo regulations, Southwest decided to reconsider its position.

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