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New technology could help solve mystery of missing Malaysia Air Flight 370

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According to sources from the United Kingdom, new monitoring technology could help solve the nearly eight-year-old mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, or at the very least identify the debris field.

In March 2014, the Boeing 777 lost radar contact around 90 minutes after departing Kuala Lumpur for Beijing. The lives of all 239 individuals on board are thought to be lost.

Its disappearance somewhere in the Indian Ocean sparked an international search and rescue operation. Despite this, only trace debris believed to be from the aircraft has been retrieved years later.

At the time, a system dubbed Weak Signal Propagation Reporter (WSRP) was in its early stages, tracking transmissions between aircraft and ground units.

According to The Times of London, the new technology allows for more accurate data to be extracted from the system, potentially helping searchers to pinpoint the location of the plane when it lost communication with air control.

“Imagine crossing a grassland with invisible tripwires flowing back and forth across the entire area,” British aerospace expert Richard Godfrey, who has been part of a team searching for the aircraft for several years, told The Times.

“With each step you take, you step on specific tripwires, and we can find you at the intersection of the damaged tripwires. We can track your progress over the prairie.”

The last search for the aircraft was done in 2018 by Ocean Infinity, a marine robotics company. The latest discoveries may ignite a new initiative.

“We are always interested in renewing the search, whether as a consequence of fresh knowledge or new technology,” an Orion Infinity representative said, adding that the project would be renewed in late 2022 or early 2023.

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