The 2023 Crystal Cabin Awards surprised the world with a strange new economy seat design.

The design, which is classified as a “multi-cabin concept,” eliminates the requirement for center seats in cattle class. How? Its design divides economic passengers into three tube-shaped pods rather than three rows of people three abreast (or, as in the case of larger aircraft, a row of three, a row of four, and then another row of three).

No one needs to endure the embarrassment of stepping over their neighbor to use the restroom in the middle of the night because each pod has a 2-2 design with an aisle along the middle

CNN Travel reports that this design comes from the Spanish company Taller De Arquitectura T36, and that the company imagines the design being endowed with both real and virtual windows.

Because it might accommodate more passengers, the design might also be incredibly attractive to airlines.

The concept’s safety has raised questions, mainly over where the emergency exits would be located given that there would be a “tube” of people being pushed up into the ceiling.


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