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Friday, February 3, 2023

Man breaks through gate at LAX Airport, boards American Airlines plane

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According to KCAL, a homeless guy managed to breach a fence at Los Angeles International Airport and board an American Airlines flight before a cleaning crew called the police.

Matthew Maine, 31, was detained on a trespassing charge after breaking through the perimeter fence at Los Angeles International Airport around 4:45 a.m. Sunday, strolling across the tarmac, and boarding the plane.

Cleaners “immediately questioned the individual” and summoned airport police, who soon apprehended the man, according to Sgt. Rob Pedregon.

The jet has been reinspected by security teams, according to the airline. We appreciate our cleaning partner’s prompt response.”

A passenger expressed her outrage at the heinous security lapse.

“It’s really frightening that someone could just go down there so easily,” Lindsey Weiker told KCAL. “Wait a minute, that’s insane.”

According to the station, the event occurred approximately two months after a driver drove his car through a gate and led police on a chase through two runways while planes were landing and taking off at LAX.

The man, driving a Mazda hatchback with the initials “SOS” scrawled on the hood, drove directly to the FedEx warehouse gate, where he slammed through it, sped past multiple planes, and across two runways.

Finally, the man was apprehended at a private terminal for charter planes.

And, according to KCAL, a man penetrated security at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, hiding under the roof until cops dragged him out.

Matthew Maine was arrested on a trespassing charge after prying his way under the perimeter fence at LAX around 4:45 a.m.

According to Jeff Price, the former assistant director of security at Denver International Airport, airport security layers include “fences, alert employees, door alarms, and cameras.”

“The system as it is now, people will be able to enter the airfield unlawfully, but as long as we can capture them, as long as they don’t get to an airplane, then the system has functionally worked; one layer may have failed, but other layers have succeeded,” Price told the station.

Photo source: CBSLA

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