After the windshield on a Maldivian Dash-8 shattered, the plane was evacuated on the runway.

With 35 passengers and crew members on board, the de Havilland Dash, 8-200, was about to depart as flight Q2-247 from Hanimaadhoo to Malé.

However, after it was cleared for takeoff, the aircraft suffered a crack in the right-hand cockpit windshield. The takeoff was rejected after the windshield cracked, and the plane was immediately evacuated on the runway.

An airline official said in a statement:

“While on the runway preparing for take-off from HAQ, a fire incident occurred, and windshield of co-pilot side was cracked. An immediate evacuation was done on the runway. HAQ airport Fire and rescue services attended to aircraft immediately. All 35 Pax and Crew on board were evacuated immediately.”

Photo cover by AviatorsMaldives via twitter 



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