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INCIDENT: Lufthansa First Officer Collapses & Injures Flight Attendant

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A Lufthansa Airbus A320-200, registration D-AIWI, was flying LH-1507 from Palma Mallorca, SP (Spain) to Frankfurt/Main (Germany) when the first officer left the cockpit for a restroom break, but collapsed and fell abeam the forward galley, bringing a flight attendant in that galley down.

A number of passengers with medical training supported the first officer and flight attendant, and the first officer recovered and was able to continue duties as pilot monitoring after some time. The plane proceeded on its way to a safe landing in Frankfurt around 45 minutes later.

According to a passenger, the first officer was on his way to the restroom when he blacked out and fell into the forward galley with a loud bang, hitting the flight attendant who was working there.

The first officer injured his arm and appeared unresponsive until a doctor traveling among the passengers administered first aid such as elevating the first officer’s legs and monitoring blood pressure, etc. The first officer’s face was pale to light green.

The first officer remained in the galley for the majority of the remaining flight, then stood up and disappeared from view of the passengers. The flight attendant was also hurt as a result of the first officer’s fall and was unable to continue her duties.

On September 24th, 2021, the BFU reported that the pilot was able to resume his duties as pilot monitoring after being treated by medical personnel and completing a recovery phase.

Minor injuries were sustained by the flight attendant. The incident was not classified as an accident or a major incident, so the BFU is not looking into it.

Source: Avheald

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