A Fedex Federal Express McDonnell Douglas MD-11, registration N582FE performing flight FX-9049 from London Stansted,EN (UK) to Memphis,TN (USA), was climbing out of Stansted’s runway 22 when the crew stopped the climb at 4000 feet due to engine #3 (CF6, right hand) trouble. The aircraft turned north, overflew Bishop’s Stortford,EN (UK) on vectors, subsrquently climbed to FL070, later climbed to FL140, turned out to the North Sea to dump fuel, and returned to Stansted for a safe landing on runway 22 about 65 minutes after departure.

A resident in Bishop’s Stortford reported he heard an aircraft late night around 22:30L (22:30Z) emitting bangs similiar to compressor stalls.

The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in London about 69 hours after landing back. The engine is going to be replaced.

Source: avherald.com

The engine seen on Mar 28th 2021 (Photo: pic.thomas.gg)


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