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INCIDENT: Edelweiss A320 at Zurich Rejected Takeoff

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An Edelweiss Airbus A320-200, registration HB-JJL, carrying 138 passengers and 6 crew on flight WK-348 from Zurich (Switzerland) to Heraklion (Greece), was accelerating for takeoff from Zurich’s runway 28 when the crew rejected takeoff at high speed (about 90 knots over ground).

The aircraft came to a rest around 850 meters/2800 feet down the runway, just before the intersection with taxiway J, with three main tyres deflated and pieces of rubber left behind. The crew was instructed by emergency personnel to turn off the engines.

The runway was closed for almost 2 hours until the plane was dragged off through taxiway J.

Ground observers reported seeing larger objects on the runway behind the aircraft, which were clearly tyres. Both of the left main tyres, as well as the inboard right main tyre, were damaged.

According to a passenger, the initial acceleration was normal, but then there was a loud blast and the plane began to tremble. In the cabin, a strong odor of burnt rubber formed. They exited and walked down the stairs to the runway.

With a 3:15-hour delay, a replacement Airbus A320-200, registered HB-IHZ, arrived in Heraklion.

According to the airline, the crew received a system notification prompting them to reject takeoff, and three of the six tyres burst or deflated.

On August 26th, 2021, Switzerland’s SUST reported that three of the four main wheels became jammed practically immediately after the takeoff was denied at about 80 knots. The incident has been classified as serious and is being investigated.

Source: avherald

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