After takeoff from Puerto Carreno, an Aerosucre Boeing 737 had takeoff failure and was unable to climb as predicted due to overheat signals on one of its engines.

The HK-5192 Boeing 737-200 was climbing out of Puerto Carreno to Bogota (Colombia) when it lost thrust and was unable to gain altitude. The crew continued to climb off, only a few meters away from trees, electrical lines, and houses.

The 37.4-year-old plane reportedly hit with some trees outside the airport, past the runway’s end. After a few minutes, the crew was able to land safely.

The airplane appears to be barely avoiding adjacent trees, wires, and residences in a video published on the internet.

The cargo airline is being reviewed in all aspects, including technical, climatic, human, operational and other multiple aspects.

Photo cover via youtube video by: Yamid Giraldo



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