A Biman Bangladesh Boeing 737-800, registration S2-AEW, carrying 124 passengers from Muscat (Oman) to Dhaka (Bangladesh), was en route at FL370 about 190nm northeast of Nagpur (India) when the captain (44) appeared to have a heart attack, became incapacitated, and lost consciousness.

While the cabin crew called a doctor amongst the passenger and commenced resuscitation, the first officer took control of the aircraft. About 40 minutes later, the first officer safely landed the aircraft on Nagpur’s runway 32. The captain was rushed to the hospital.

The captain was transferred to the intensive care unit, where he never regained consciousness and died a few hours later. According to the hospital, the captain experienced a cerebral hemorrhage.

The aircraft, which had left Muscat with a 4 hour delay, remained on the ground in Nagpur for around 11 hours until a new crew arrived and continued the journey to Dhaka with a total delay of 16 hours.

Source: avherald


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