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INCIDENT: A Turkish Airlines A330 attempted to takeoff from a taxiway at Newark Airport

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A THY Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300, registration TC-JNI performing flight TK-30 (scheduled dep Aug 6th, actual dep Aug 7th) from Newark,NJ (USA) to Istanbul (Turkey), was cleared for takeoff from runway 22R at intersection with taxiway W but crossed runway 22R, lined up taxiway P (parallel to and east of runway 22R) and commenced takeoff.

Tower canceled the takeoff clearance, informing the crew that they had arrived on taxiway P. The crew moved right onto taxiway E, crossed runway 22R, and joined taxiway B after rejecting takeoff at approximately 90 knots. The aircraft was then told to taxi to the holding point runway 11 via taxiway W (parallel to runway 29), where it remained for approximately 45 minutes to allow the brakes to cool.

Following that, the aircraft was told to enter runway 11 at the threshold, taxi down runway 11 to the intersection with runway 22R, and line up on runway 22R. One hour after the failed taxiway P departure, the plane finally took off from runway 22R. The plane touched down safely in Istanbul about 9:20 a.m., after a 100-minute delay from runway 22R.

Just after midnight, a passenger stated that they were accelerating on a taxiway between runways 22R and 22L when the crew rejected takeoff. The captain afterwards informed that they had rejected takeoff due to a mechanical issue. The aircraft then taxied northbound, and emergency services were called.

The plane came to a standstill for almost 45 minutes to let the brakes cool down, and emergency services remained on standby the entire time. The plane then taxied to runway 22R and took off without incident.

Source: avherald

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