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INCIDENT: A male passenger punched a female flight attendant on an American Airlines flight

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After refusing to wear a mask on an American Airlines trip from New York City to Orange County, California, a male customer attacked a female flight attendant.

Due to the passenger’s assault, the pilot was compelled to divert the plane to Denver.

Witnesses claim that the man hit the flight attendant twice in the face, prompting American Airlines flight 976 to make an emergency landing at Denver International Airport.

A passenger on the trip, Mackenzie Rose, was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying that the flight attendant returned to her seat ‘with blood on her mask.’ Crewmen and passengers were seen holding the man to his seat with duct tape in a photo shared on Twitter.

Following the plane’s arrival in Denver, American Airlines issued a statement expressing their “outrage” at the occurrence and threatening to “ban the individual, who has yet to be identified, from any future American Airlines services.”

After the jet landed at Denver International Airport, police apprehended the man. The accused has been brought into jail, according to Denver Airport Police, and the incident is being investigated by the FBI. After the flight attendant urged him to put on a mask, the passenger punched her.

“If you’re not prepared to wear a mask you’re not prepared to fly, that’s the moral of the story here”, said Mackenzie Rose, a passenger aboard American Airlines flight 976 told CBSLA.

“I understand that he actually punched her twice. I saw her walk back down the aisle afterward and she had blood splattered on the outside of her mask. In terms of men hitting women, it’s absolutely absurd and ridiculous,” added Rose.

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