The Munich based Franz –Joseph-Strauss Airport is rated the only 5-Star airport in Europe.

And it is also one of Europe´s biggest hubs. An average of 1.100 flights have to be taken care of every day, 44.6 million passengers chose Munich as a destination in 2017, either for holiday or business purposes or simply as a transit hub to another location.

The Munich Airport is a like a big machine, several hearts beat have to beat in the same pace to make sure that everything is running fine. How does this machine cope with an average of 120.000 passengers every day?

What has to be done to guarantee the passenger’s safety. How is the endless flow of passengers and airplanes directed to move as smoothly as possible? This documentary takes a close look on those gears and sprockets that make a giant hub like Munich run efficiently and flawlessly.

And it has access to several operational units that are usually restricted to the public eye. 1200 Federal police and 400 customs officers are in charge with guarding the German border and making sure that nothing illegal is being brought into the country.

Ramp Agents oversee baggage and cargo flows from the terminals to the airplanes.


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