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Flight Attendant Suffers Broken Leg Passengers Are Injured After Turbulence

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Shortly after takeoff, a flight from the Angolan capital Luanda to Lisbon, Portugal, was rocked by violent turbulence, according to reports. One passenger reportedly broke his leg, while nine others were hurt.

Eight passengers and a second member of the cabin crew were also hurt; some of them were taken to the hospital after the plane landed in Lisbon on Thursday night.

Hi Fly, a Portuguese charter airline, flew the aircraft on behalf of TAAG Angola Airlines, which claimed that the severe turbulence was caused by inclement weather in the area. A Friday flight was rescheduled to coincide with the expected passage of storms.

On Thursday at roughly 2:18 p.m., TAAG aircraft DT652 departed from Luanda Airport, and the flight crew was midway through serving the first meal when the turbulence began.

Anything that wasn’t fastened down, including food trays, was thrown into the air. Images posted to social media after the rocky encounter revealed frantic scenes and the cabin in disarray.

Even though a flight attendant and other passengers appeared to have suffered significant injuries, the flight proceeded on to Lisbon, where it landed at 8:37 pm and was met by emergency medical personnel.

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