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Flight Attendant Briefly Banned From TikTok After Colleagues Bombard Platform With Complaints

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This article has been updated to reflect the fact that Cierra Huffman’s main TikTok account has been reinstated by the social media giant.

After hundreds of flight attendants bombarded the platform with complaints about the content she was uploading, TikTok briefly shut down the account of a flight attendant and social media influencer with more than 3.5 million followers.

On social media, Cierra Huffman, also known as Cierra Mistt, was last seen working for Republic Airways, a small regional airline that provides services on behalf of American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

Cierra’s material has recently been published in numerous tabloid publications where she provided purported but highly shady “travel tips” including booking a flight on Tuesday to get the best cost and selecting a seat at the far back of the plane in hopes of being upgraded to First Class.

A rising number of flight attendants from all over the business are angry about the seemingly innocent content, accusing Cierra of “promoting false information” and defaming the flight attendant profession.

In a controversial tweet, Cierra stated that she would hang out with passengers after a trip if they were “attractive.” Cierra has also released videos with advice on how to join the “mile high club” covertly.

“Yes, flight attendants and pilots during our layovers we don’t only hang out with each other, we actually hang out a lot of times with our passengers,” Cierra said in the video.

“Whether it be a really hot guy or girl, or just a fun group of people, if you invite us to go hang out with you guys chances are we’re totally down.”

Cierra added: “In fact, I have a tonne of spicy stories that I could tell you about the passenger interactions I’ve personally had… but, I can’t do it on here.”

She has even sparked debate over why some flight attendants refuse to assist passengers with stowing their bags and questioned the safety of sipping tea and coffee while flying.

In September 2021, Cierra began working as a flight attendant with Republic Airways, and she soon began uploading flight attendant-related stuff. Cierra recently pleaded with her critics to “get a life” in a response video.

“The only thing that these comments are showing me is how bored you are, how jealous you are, how insecure you are. Get a life. I will continue to say whatever I want”.

Nevertheless, Cierra is no longer employed by Republic, despite her insistence that she is still in the business and that she abides by her new employer’s social media policy.

“While it wasn’t ever a secret that I don’t work for my first airline anymore, I’m still very much, 100% an active flight attendant,” Cierra said earlier this month.

“long story short: I’m still a flight attendant which is why I still post flight attendant content… I’m just not dumb enough to post in my company’s uniform/be affiliated specifically so that I can still post about my life and other jobs w/o having to worry about corporate approval or repercussions,” she continued.

Cierra’s content has offended some flight attendants, but many more have defended her freedom to post anything she wants and has requested their coworkers to back off.

Photo cover via Instagram: @cierra_mistt

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