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Finnair Ban Selling Alcoholic Drinks On Flights

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Due to new pandemic guidelines implemented to combat a winter rise in COVID-19 infections, Finnair has been prohibited from selling alcoholic beverages on domestic flights after 5 p.m., according to the airline.

On Friday, Finnish officials declared that the national flag carrier was subject to the same pandemic limitations that eateries have previously been subjected to. Restaurants in most parts of Finland are now prohibited from serving alcoholic beverages after 5 p.m., according to new regulations.

Finnair continued to sell alcohol on domestic flights at first, but the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland has subsequently verified that the laws apply both at 35,000 feet and on the ground.

The same alcohol prohibition applies to Finnair’s premium lounges at Helsinki Airport, although unlike eateries, Finnair’s lounges will remain open until 8 p.m.

Last week, the airline warned that staff shortages caused by rising sickness levels could cause flights to be delayed or cancelled.

“The omicron variant, as well as the normal flu season, are causing increased sickness absences in Finnair and in the teams of our partners,” a spokesperson for the airline explained.

“The same situation applies to other airlines and airports globally. Also, the winter conditions and their impact on operations challenge us on certain days,” the statement continued.

Because of Omicron worries, Air New Zealand began 2022 by suspending inflight operations on its domestic flights until further notice.

Despite the fact that the extremely contagious Omicron variation has yet to spread in Aotearoa, Air New Zealand has announced that it will cease serving snacks and drinks due to the threat posed by the variant.

Passengers will have no excuse to remove their face masks now that onboard service has been discontinued, according to Air New Zealand, which will improve passenger safety.

Passengers will now be offered a small snack as they exit the plane by cabin workers.


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