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FAA to impose $225,287 against 10 passengers for alleged assaults

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For alleged unruly behavior involving physical assault, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed fining ten airline customers $225,287 in civil penalties.

The FAA stated in a news release dated November 10, 2021, that it has received over 100 reports of passenger disturbances involving physical assault since January 1, 2021.

Passengers cannot abuse other passengers or crew members on a flight, according to US federal law.

The FAA encouraged passenger airlines to take more significant action in September 2021 in order to reduce the rise in unruly customer conduct. As a strategy to curb violent episodes, the group started a Zero Tolerance campaign earlier this year. The ad incorporated multilingual airport digital displays.

The fines are part of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Zero Tolerance program against disruptive passengers. Although the FAA does not have criminal prosecuting jurisdiction, it has referred cases to the Department of Justice when the evidence warrants it.

The following are the cases that account for the majority of the $225,287 fines:

1- A passenger on a Horizon Air trip from Austin to San Francisco on May 18, 2021, was fined $32,000. According to the FAA, the passenger did not fasten her seatbelt as instructed by the crew.

She shouted and punched her husband and son repeatedly, causing flight attendants to be distracted from their jobs. She seized cookies from an adjacent passenger and tossed trash at a flight attendant.

2- A passenger aboard a Southwest Airlines (LUV) flight from New York City to Chicago on May 5, 2021, was fined $26,787. According to the FAA, the passenger got out of his seat and attempted to enter the cockpit during the final descent, despite crew instructions to stay seated.

He wrongly assumed the plane had already arrived at the gate and attempted to grab his bags from the overhead bin after returning to his seat.

Flight attendants attempted to hold him down as the plane slowed down during landing to prevent him from harming himself. He began striking one of the flight attendants, who required medical assistance afterward. At the arrival gate, law enforcement greeted the passenger.

3- $25,000 against a passenger on a Southwest Airlines (LUV) trip from Boston to Chicago on February 3, 2021. The passenger allegedly refused to place her carry-on bags in the overhead bin, according to the FAA.

The individual sat in a seat, hung onto the armrest, screamed loudly and angrily, and used insulting words and obscene gestures at crewmembers after speaking with the ground crew and reboarding the flight.

She snatched herself from a travel companion’s clutches and spat on a crewmember as she disembarked. At the gate, she was greeted by police.

4- A passenger aboard a Southwest Airlines (LUV) trip from New Orleans to Baltimore on March 28, 2021, was fined $24,000. According to the FAA, she was ordered to wear a facemask by a flight attendant.

As she continued to pick up rubbish, the flight attendant purposefully elbowed him in the side and kicked him. The captain was notified of the woman’s behavior, and the cockpit was sealed down and law enforcement was summoned to meet her at the gate.

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