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CRASH: Rimbun DHC6 Impacted Terrain On Go Around

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A Rimbun Air de Havilland DHC-6-300, registration PK-OTW, was flying a freight flight from Nabire to Intan Jaya (Indonesia) with three crew members when it attempted an approach to Intan Jaya’s Bilorai Airport [WABV/UGU] in dense fog and initiated a go-around at 07:22L. (22:22Z Sep 14th).

A short time later, at the airport, loud noises of an impact and trees falling were reported without ever seeing the airplane.

At that time, an emergency locator transmitter signal was activated. Emergency services were activated and attempted to locate the aircraft; approximately 2 hours later, a helicopter was able to locate the aircraft at an altitude of 2400 meters/7870 feet MSL (Position S3.7433 E136.9873) approximately 4500 meters/2.4nm from the runway in a “state of total destruction,” with no survivors.

When emergency crews arrived at the crash scene later on the day, they discovered that all three crew members died.

The plane was bringing construction materials to Intan Jaya.

According to Intan Jaya Police, the aircraft was found at a height of 2400 meters, around 5000-6000 meters west-southwest of the runway, in a “state of total destruction,” and it was unlikely that any of the occupants survived.

The plane took off from Nabire at 06:40L for the approximately 40-minute journey to Intan Jaya. Due to strong fog, the aircraft circled turned left and collided with terrain.

The captain’s phone is still connected to the network, but there is no answer when the phone is called.

Bilorai Airport (S3.7396 E137.0322, altitude 7200 feet MSL) has a 600-meter-long runway located on the side of a cliff and surrounded by mountains.

The wreckage seen from the air

Photo Source avhearld

Source: avhearld

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