Air Crash Investigation

The Harrowing Final Moments of Alaska Airlines Flight 261

Thompson, 53, and Tansky, 57, are among Alaska’s most experienced pilots. Shortly after takeoff they discover a serious problem on the aircraft’s tail. The stabiliser,...

The Search for Answers in the Crash of Swissair Flight 111

Everything is normal as Flight 111 leaves New York City for Geneva. The captain is Urs Zimmerman, one of Swissair’s most experienced pilots and...

The Shocking True Story of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961

In 1996, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 was hijacked by three young Ethiopians, including an American diplomat, a news cameraman, and 12 crew members. They demanded...

The Last Moments of American Airlines Flight 965

American Airlines Flight 965 carrying 164 passengers and crew to Cali, Colombia from Miami is running late. Two experienced pilots push the state-of-the-art Boeing...

British Airways Flight 111 Pilot Sucked Out Of Cockpit Window

British Airways Flight 111 takes off with 84 passengers, but a loud bang from the cockpit fills the cabin with fog. Captain Tim Lancaster is...
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