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British Airways Flight 111 Pilot Sucked Out Of Cockpit Window

British Airways Flight 111 takes off with 84 passengers, but a loud bang from the cockpit fills the cabin with fog. Captain Tim Lancaster is...

Navigating Treacherous Skies: The Battle Between Aviation and Nature

A commuter plane's fateful encounter with a suburban Buffalo storm becomes a heart-wrenching tragedy, a stark reminder of the fine line that separates safety...

When a Bomb Goes Off at 33,000 Feet: The Miracle of...

In 1994, PA 434 experienced a bomb explosion mid-flight, causing extensive damage. The pilots have no other options left than trying to land the...

DHL Cargo Plane Crew’s Fight for Life in War Zone

DHL cargo plane is hit by a missile while carrying soldiers’ letters during the war. Flight crew must fight to land the badly damaged...

Avianca 52 and the Deadly Consequences of Delayed Air Traffic

Avianca Airlines Flight 52 was supposed to be a routine flight from Bogota, Colombia to New York. The Boeing 707 took off with 158...
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