Avianca chooses Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner for long-haul

Avianca (AVHOQ) has announced that the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner will be its sole widebody passenger aircraft for long-haul flights. The airline’s chief financial officer, Rohit Philip, indicated that the Colombian flag carrier will need to streamline its fleet in order to serve the airline’s network and capacity needs. During the industry recovery period, the Bogota-based […]

INCIDENT: Wingo Boeing 737 Engine Shut Down In Flight

A Copa Airlines Boeing 737-800, registration HP-1532CMP, was climbing out of Medellin’s runway 01 when the left-hand engine began to emit bangs and streaks of flames, prompting the crew to stop the climb at 13000 feet and return to Medellin for a safe landing on runway 01 about 25 minutes after departure. With a 12.5-hour […]

LATAM Airlines Group Struggles To Restore International Network

In October, LATAM Airlines Group, South America’s largest airline, expects robust domestic market traffic. However, restoring foreign flights remains a difficulty for LATAM. The firm based in Santiago, Chile, stated that passenger capacity across its network will reach 56% of its pre-COVID-19 pandemic capacity in October 2019. In September, 49.9% of the pre-pandemic system capacity […]

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