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British Airways Sued By its Own Pilots Over Injuries

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A group of British Airways pilots has filed a lawsuit against the airline, alleging that they suffered neck and spinal injuries as a result of being compelled to repeatedly twist around in the cockpit to look at a security camera monitor.

After 9/11, British Airways implemented a surveillance system that helps pilots to ensure that only cabin personnel are attempting to obtain access to the flight deck. Only from inside the flight deck can the door be unlocked.

Before unlocking the door, pilots inspect the so-called Cockpit Door Surveillance System, but on some planes, the monitor is mounted behind the crew seats. Because the crew seat does not swivel, pilots must twist in their seats to see the monitor.

To make matters worse, the CDSS consists of three cameras, which the pilots must rotate between before allowing access to the flight deck. The pilot must repeatedly twist forwards and backward between the monitor and the button in front of them to switch between the cameras.

A group of 16 pilots has sued British Airways, alleging that the frequent twisting and turning has caused them to suffer from a variety of neck and spinal problems. They are suing BA for compensation ranging from £10,000 to £100,000, depending on the circumstances.

The total amount of compensation claimed is estimated to be roughly £250,000.

Captain Jonathan Parry, an RAF veteran, claimed to have twisted his neck as many as 5,000 times to view the CDSS, resulting in a slipped disc and spinal injury.

British Airways denies any responsibility and challenges the value of the pilots’ compensation claim.

Captain Parry’s counsel is concerned that a pilot could suffer an injury during a flight, jeopardizing the safety of passengers and crew.

Some of the claimants allege they’ve been compelled to switch to other aircraft types since the security camera monitor isn’t mounted on the cockpit’s back wall. The lawsuit’s trial date has yet to be set.


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