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British Airways crew was banned from staying at an all-inclusive hotel after a drunk newbie flight attendant was discovered collapsed on the beach

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After a newbie flight attendant was discovered slumped and inebriated on a beach at the resort, British Airways personnel have been barred from purchasing an all-inclusive package at a luxury hotel in the Maldives.

According to local media accounts, British Airways only pays for a basic hotel-only package for aircrew on a layover in the Maldives, but pilots and cabin crew could upgrade to an all-inclusive package with free-flowing wine by paying out of pocket until recently.

Following the recent incident, the hotel apparently informed British Airways that the all-inclusive package would no longer be available to airmen. Because other suitable layover hotels in the Maldives are hard to come by, British Airways has accepted the sanction.

When the flight attendant was discovered in a drunken stupor on the beach, she had only flown four flights with BA. The hotel’s investigation discovered that she had not purchased the all-inclusive package, but that she had been given alcohol by other crew members.

British Airways has launched its own inquiry into the incident, and the flight attendant may face disciplinary action.

Following drunken antics at a layover hotel in Singapore in 2019, three cabin crew members faced disciplinary action. After they were observed sprinting nude around the hotel halls, a fellow crew member reported them to management.

The airline had already been forced to locate a new layover hotel in Singapore after the previous one refused to renew a lucrative contract due to issues with rowdy crew members, which ended in one crew member stripping nude and racing through the hotel lobby.

After intoxicated crew members allegedly caused damage to the hotel’s lobby, British Airways was compelled to find a new crew hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.


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