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Baggage Handler Falls Asleep in Cargo Hold and Wakes Up in Different Country

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When a baggage handler fell asleep in the belly of a jet as it was prepared to take off, he was mistakenly confined within the plane’s cargo hold and ended up in a foreign nation.

Airport workers spotted the unknown and happily undamaged luggage handler only after the plane had landed after a three-hour travel from Mumbai, India to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Medical assistance was summoned right once, but it was swiftly established that the baggage handler had survived his unexpected journey unharmed. Unless live animals are being transported, most airplane cargo holds are not routinely heated.

Unfortunately, pets have died in the cargo hold when the cargo hold heat was unintentionally turned off.

The incident onboard Indigo flight 6E-1835 on December 12 was confirmed by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, who stated that the baggage handler only awoke once the cargo hold door was closed and the jet began taxiing for takeoff.

There is no mechanism to open the cargo hold from the inside, and there is no way for the cargo hold to communicate with the flight deck.

The illegal entrant was allowed to fly back to Mumbai on the same jet, but this time in the passenger compartment of the Airbus A320, after being cleared by immigration officers. The return flight took off an hour later than expected.

The reason for the baggage handler’s nap in the cargo hold is unknown, but the flight is due to depart at 2:25 a.m., thus exhaustion could have played a role in the occurrence.

Unfortunately, the luggage handler and his coworkers have been suspended pending the conclusion of an investigation into why he was still in the cargo hold.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Indigo said the airline had informed the requisite authorities. “The matter is under investigation,” the statement continued.

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