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An Irish passenger on a Delta flight pulled his pants down to a flight attendant

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On a Delta Air Lines flight from Dublin to New York, an Irish man is accused of refusing to wear a face mask, tossing an empty can at another passenger, and pulling his pants down and displaying his buttocks to a flight attendant and others close.

“During the approximately eight-hour flight, the defendant repeatedly refused to wear a face mask despite being asked dozens of times by flight crew personnel,” the FBI affidavit said.

According to the complaint, McInerney kicked the back of the passenger seat in front of him, walked into the Delta One-class section and complained to a flight attendant about his food, disobeyed flight attendant orders as the plane was making its final descent and put his cap on the captain’s head, said not to touch him, and put his fist near the captain’s face, all while the plane was making its final descent.

According to the complaint, “at least one passenger found the defendant’s conduct to be scary” and flight crew members had considered diverting the airplane to another airport to remove McInerney before the completion of the trip.

Upon landing, he was apprehended by authorities.

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