The Federal Aviation Association is investigating a possible engine fire after visible flames forced crews to cancel takeoff of an American Airlines flight in Charlotte Thursday evening, officials said.

While passengers were aboard Flight 2288, which was scheduled to be traveling to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, the Airbus A321 (registration N980UY) was in the taxiing position.

Passenger Frankie Leggington, 19, who provided video to The Charlotte Observer, estimated that the flames persisted for nearly 10 minutes until the fire service arrived at the aircraft.

Leggington claims that when it was time for passengers to disembark, the captain thanked them for maintaining their calm over the loudspeaker. According to the pilot, if the plane had been in flight, the entire side of the aircraft may have blown out.

“American Airlines flight 2288, with service from Charlotte (CLT) to Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), returned to the gate before takeoff after reporting a mechanical issue. The aircraft taxied safely to the gate under its own power and was taken out of service for maintenance.

We never want to disrupt our customer’s travel plans and apologize for the trouble this may have caused,” according to a statement from the airline.


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