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Monday, January 30, 2023

Air Canada introduces company-wide plan for the safe return of its employees

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Beginning November 15, Air Canada has implemented a Return to Workplace Plan to securely transfer workers working remotely back into the workplace.

The plan, which was created in accordance with Public Health Agency of Canada requirements, employs a hybrid approach that combines on-site and remote work choices to provide employees with flexibility and confidence as they resume their pre-pandemic work habits.

“While Air Canada’s frontline staff have been at work running the operation throughout the epidemic, for which I appreciate and praise them, a considerable proportion of them have worked remotely since March 2020, in accordance with Federal Public Health regulations.”

With caseloads on the decline across the country, Air Canada’s mandated workplace vaccination policy, and other business health measures, workers may now start an organized return to work and resume a more normal work life.

“Our plan takes a balanced approach, meeting the needs of those eager to work in-person with their colleagues again, as well as those who may prefer to work remotely certain days of the week for personal or professional reasons,” said Michael Rousseau, President and Chief Executive Officer of Air Canada.

“Personal relationships and interactions are required for individuals, businesses, and organizations to reach their full potential. As a result, returning Canadians to work is a critical step in our society’s and economy’s rehabilitation from the pandemic’s isolating effects.

We can and must resume our pre-pandemic routines as a country, particularly now that our high vaccination rates, efficient public health measures, and the sacrifices made by all of us to defeat COVID-19 have created the circumstances to do so safely.”

Air Canada workers who are currently working off-site will begin a gradual return to work on November 15, with the option to continue working set days remotely. To protect employees’ health and safety at work, employers must:

  • A mandatory vaccination policy requires all active employees to be fully vaccinated;
  • All visitors and anyone entering company buildings is required to be fully vaccinated;
  • Employees will be strongly encouraged to wear a face mask whenever outside of their personal workspaces or when interacting with others;
  • Physical distancing is required where practical;
  • Home screening programs continue to be offered and their use encouraged;
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfection products will continue to be readily available.
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