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Saturday, January 28, 2023

ACCIDENT: Aeroservice L410 Touched Down Short Of Runway

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The Aeroservice LLC Let L-410, registered RA-67042, was performing flight 51 from Irkutsk to Kazachinsk (Russia) with 14 passengers and 2 crew when it lost height and touched down about 4000 meters/2.16nm short of the runway at 22:35L (14:35Z). The governor of Irkutsk said the captain of the flight was killed around 18:55Z, and three passengers were also found dead.

By 19:45, the governor confirmed that eight passengers had been recovered from the plane with moderate to severe injuries. Four passengers were able to depart the plane on their own and were also transferred to a hospital for medical treatment.

According to Sila Avia, the plane was on its second approach in severe fog when it disappeared from radar.

According to Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations, emergency personnel is en route to the crash site of an L410 that made a hard landing. There were 14 passengers and 2 crew members on board.

According to Russia’s regional investigation committee, a passenger initially informed emergency services about the accident, and all passengers were rescued. One of the pilots was killed in the accident, according to passenger reports.

According to the governor of the Irkutsk area, all occupants of the aircraft survived, and there were no fatalities.

According to local media, emergency services arrived at the accident site in the Taiga, which is difficult to reach, at 01:30L on September 13th (Sep 12th 17:30Z). Until that point, emergency personnel communicated with passengers via phones.

The disaster occurred on an island, according to reports (editorial note: which suggests the northern final position).

Following that, local media, which is now being published by Russian news agencies, said that when emergency services arrived at the accident site, they discovered four individuals dead, including the captain of the flight. The first officer is said to have survived and is in a state of shock.

Around 18:55Z, the governor of Irkutsk reported that the pilot and three passengers were killed in the crash.

At around 19:00Z, Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations (MCHS) stated four dead had been retrieved; the effort to liberate trapped persons is still ongoing.

At 19:45z, Irkutsk’s governor announced that, in addition to the four bodies retrieved from the airframe, eight survivors with moderate to serious injuries had been recovered and handed over to medics. Four more survivors have been able to free themselves and are being cared for by medics as well.

Kazachinsk Airport (N56.2775 E107.5645) has a 1600 meter/5250 foot long paved runway 04/22.

Source: Avherald

The scene at the accident site photos source: MCHS

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