With effect from April 1, 2023, eligible Delta employees will get a 5% salary raise as the firm continues to invest in the personnel that sets the standard for operational and customer service excellence in the business.

In a memo to staff members on Tuesday, Delta CEO Ed Bastian disclosed the compensation rise. With this most recent pay raise, employees have received a total pay increase of 9% in the previous year (4% in May 2022 and 5% in April 2023).

“This well-earned increase is a direct result of your efforts,” said Delta CEO Ed Bastian in a memo to employees Tuesday. “Delta people are the best in the business, and thanks to your efforts, we’re well-positioned to take back the skies, and soar into the future together.”

All personnel, including those not otherwise protected by industry, governmental, or collective bargaining agreements, including ground staff and flight attendants, will receive the rise.

The wage rise was just announced a few weeks after Delta employees learned they had received $563 million in profit sharing after the airline achieved strong 2022 financial results.

Employees will receive a profit-sharing payment on February 14, which is also known as Delta’s Employee Appreciation Day, equal to 5.57% of their qualified 2022 earnings.

These salary increases are just two of the numerous ways Delta carries out its promise to share success with employees, along with its market-leading profit-sharing program.

Delta people earned a total of $61 million in our Shared Rewards program, tied to achieving internal operational goals.

Delta kept that program intact throughout the pandemic while other airlines suspended theirs, allowing us to grant our employees an extra $2,250 between April 2020 and December 2022.

With fixed contributions of 3% and matching contributions of up to 6%, Delta offers the highest 401(k) contributions in the business (domestic mainline only; other programs apply internationally).

Millions of dollars have been invested in improved health and wellness programs, and 2023 marks the beginning of the airline’s most major year of improvements to its well-being offerings in recent memory.

Employees who complete a financial education and coaching program are eligible for a $1,000 contribution to an emergency savings plan.

Employees and their families may get up to $2,500 in rewards through the Delta Health and Wellbeing Rewards program. A record $60 million will be handed out in 2022.


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