Airbus failed to win a contract with American Airlines Group to sell its A330neo jets. Airbus has been in talks with American over substituting A350s with A330neo jets. The American Airlines inherited the A350 contract from US Airways when both merged in 2013.

“Talks with American over the re-engined model have ended”, Airbus said Friday to Bloomberg. American was evaluating both A330-900neo and Boeing 787-9 as alternatives to A350. Since the talks failed with Airbus, the airline is most likely to go with Boeing 787-9s as possible replacements for the 22 A350s ordered by United in 2013.

The slow selling Airbus A330neo has been struggling to compete with Boeing 787s. When the A330 was launched with fuel-saving engines in 2014, the oil price was above $100 a barrel, but Boeing’s 787 easily outclassed older model A330 in today’s lower oil price environment.

Last month Airbus lost an order from Hawaiian Airlines for six A330-800s, which the airline replaced with 10 Boeing 787-10s.

However, the Airbus is in an aggressive marketing campaign to sell A330neo jets, specially for the customers looking to replace their ageing A330s.